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Running to Sweden

May 20th, 2018

After a very short review of the map my conclusion was that running Flyktningeruta - the refugee route - from home to Sweden should take about 4 hours...a rough gestimate. I need to do better next time...I did spend almost 7 hours on the 46 kilometers from home to Sukkerveien just across the Swedish border. During that time I had stopped and asked for refill of water, the weather was nice and very warm, so all my water was long gone after just 20 kilometres. After about 4 hours I had a mental breakdown, but a quick stop eating chocolate and drinking Coca Cola was just what I needed to go all the way to where I had agreed that Elin should pick me up. Needless to say I went to bed early and stayed there to almost half past eleven today...

Here crossing the border to Sweden after about 6 hours and 30 minutes. Imagine me finding it hard, then think about those who was forced to do the walk in the shelter of darkness during WW2, maybe it was winter and they also had to carry as much as they could manage.

Read more about Flyktningeruta and find a map at the website to Directorate of Cultural Heritage

Holmenkollstafetten and running home

May 8th, 2018

Last Saturday I ran the 7'th leg of Holmenkollstafetten together with my colleagues from KLP IT.

When done I took the train to Fetsund and ran home from there. Finally got to see Bjønnehiet, the bears den. No bears, only a lot of signs.

The stats. I did expect it to be longer, if asking my legs, they hated it. No good!

Running Elgrittet 54

May 2nd, 2018

Last Saturday, me and my brother Jonas spent a couple of hours together running Elgrittet 54

All done, all worn out.

Running on snow #2

April 2nd, 2018

The last week has been extraordinary, last Sunday the weather was really warm, but then it immediately got really cold - making the snow really hard and crusty, which again made it possible to easily run places I have not been running before.

Even found this oasis

Running on snow

March 28th, 2018

On Sunday the weather was really nice and warm, so the snow became wet. Then on Sunday evening and continuing it has been really cold, so today the snow was really hard, making it possible to walk on the field without breaking through the upper, crusty layer. So I had to try to run on it, and I brought #3 along. Using a back pack and a tow rope he joined me on his snow sledge. We had a lot of fun together and I got a really good workout as well.

Sandsjöbacka Trail 2018

January 18th, 2018

Last weekend me and my friend Bendik did participate in the three day sprint tripple run - I have published a run report here

Game on!

November 12th, 2017

Or, not today, but in excactly two months:

Härmed bekräftas anmälan för dessa deltagarna:

Sprint Triples 12.01 Göteborg Sandsjöbacka Trail
Rune Hellem Sprint Triples Men

Race report Hodelyktløpet 2017

November 5th, 2017

Thursday evening I attended the race Hodelyktløpet, "the headlamp race". 12k trailrunning in Østmarka, Oslo. Read my race report published here

Took a picture just minutes before start

And then at home, did not manage to avoid the mudpools - it was dark...

Me, a tennis player!

September 18th, 2017

Yesterday I participated in my first tennis tournament ever. Did spend Saturday evening watching videos on Youtube (for about 10 minutes) on how to play tennis, and just minutes before my first match I had to read the rules, learing that the first serve goes to the left side, then the second to the right. Another good thing I got to know just minutes before the match was which lines was important during a single match. Must admit that I was afraid that I would not even get to serve or get the ball over the net, but I did and I only lost one of three matches without points. The two other ones was 10-3 and 10-5, pretty happy with that. And finally I got to learn that my raquet from 1990 was outdated. Conversation went like this:

Person who knew a lot more about tennis than me: "Rune, are you sure that you do not want to borrow a raquet?"
Me "Do I need to?"
Person who knew a lot more about tennis than me: "Yes!!!"
Me "....mkay..." (I was until yesterday pretty proud of just owning a raquet, but now I know what I want for xmas)

Read all about it here

Icebug Xperience 2017 - 3 days in Bohuslän, Sweden

September 6th, 2017

Got home Sunday evening after spending three days of running in Bohuslän, Sweden, the Icebug Xperience. A stage run, starting on Friday with 23k, then 29k on Saturday and 22k on Sunday. Really enjoyed the event, the weather was really nice all the time so I even got a slight tan in my face. My legs did not enjoy it that much, but only sore mucles, pain that will go away in a few days. I was afraid that I would get long lasting pain, but thanks to good preparations and help from naprapath Trond it went well.

It was great fun to finally run a long event, it 12 years since the last time - the 6 hours event at Eidsvoll, after that my legs did hurt to much and I had to start riding the bicycle instead. So being able to run such a distance again is really fun, and ending up as #52 overall and #46 in the mens class was way better than I could hope for, quite happy with that.

Have posted quite a few pictures on my Facebook page, and IcebugX has even more