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Color Line Setesdal Tour 2011

May 30th, 2011

This weekend I have had the opportunity to participate in Color Line Setesdal Tour together with my friend Geir Arne. Took the night train down to Kristiansand Friday evening, arrived there at 04:00 in the morning two hours before start. Enjoyed my breakfast at the train station and met Geir Arne at start. Together with him and a few of his friends we headed for Hovden 210km and 800 meters upwards (all in all 1600 meters upwards counting all uphill). Had pretty good weather for at least four hours, so nothing to complain about, since I feared that we even could get snow.

Lovely scenery, plenty of food along the way and extremely good traffic regulations during the race - I would really recommend the race to others as well.

Headed back home yesterday, Sunday. Must admit that I envied the ones being able to ride their bikes back to Kristiansand instead of sitting hour after hour on the bus. Next time!! Then the train back home to Oslo in the afternoon, took the subway to Helsfyr and instead of waiting another twenty minutes I used the bike the last few kilometers.

Krysseren Blücher - Alf R. Jacobsen

May 30th, 2011

Yet another impressing book from one of my favorite writers Alf R. Jacobsen. The book is about the 9'th of April 1940 when Germany invaded Norway, focusing on the sinking ot the German cruiser Blücher caused by shooting from the fortress Oscarsborg and how close it was that the whole German invasion actually failed. Thanks to Norwegian defeatism, lead by the Norwegian government. If someone could have shown strong leadership the Germans could have been forced to turn around. But at least thanks to people such as Birger Eriksen the invasion was delayed so much that the king, government, the gold reserves and more where able to escape.

A book well worth spending time reading!

Med mandat til å drepe - Kagge Forlag

May 30th, 2011

What a waste of money. This book edited by Kagge Forlag, but no actual writer of the book is known. It is supposed to be a compilation of stories from various Norwegian snipers in Afghanistan, but - give me a month of research and I could have written the exact same thing myself. So who really knows, is the book real or just pure fiction? At least it could have had a foreword of some known person giving the book at least a small amount of credibility. Spend your money on better books is my advice.

I would instead recommend Elitesoldat, at least the writers of the book is known by name.

Paternity leave done

May 27th, 2011

First day at work after ten weeks of paternity leave. Promised myself "No more cakes, waffles and such". But since my boss instructed me to follow the rest of my department I had no other option than to follow and do my duty! "Vaffelsmell"

Terrengsykkelrittet 2011 - Nice day on the bike with muscle cramps

May 21st, 2011

Terrengsykkelrittet 2011, a tough day on the bike which reminded me that as always I should have prepared better. Got muscle cramps in both thighs at the same time after about 3 hours I think, not good and a wake up call when it comes to preparations. Drink enough the days before and also plan the eating.

Accurate time not available right now, but a few minutes faster than last year, but just a few minutes indicates that I had a better ride yesterday. They have fixed the track, made bridges on many "no-rides" and it has also been very good weather the past few weeks drying up the track. The overall winner time was 2:45 this year, ten minutes faster than last year. So if I had been as good as last year I should have spent 4:15/4:20...

But - a good day

Jackass - the safe way

May 17th, 2011

Inspired by "Jackass på lavt nivå. While trying to change the light bulb, the glass got separated from the electrical foot contact. So trying to remove it without switching of the power...I switched off the power.".

And then planking

Drinking milk with due date more than two weeks ago...

Åge Aleksandersen - Original

May 4th, 2011

On sale at Platekompaniet, containing famous hits such as "Æ e trønder æ" and "Fotbaill", just had to buy it.

Bruce Springsteen - The Collection 1973 - 1984

May 3rd, 2011

Just had to buy it, collection of Bruce Springsteen containing 8 cd's. Having two already, Nebraska and Darkness On The Edge Of Town, but who cares. Also containing

Råskinnet 2011 - First time running in 5 and a half year

May 1st, 2011

Participated in Råskinnet yesterday together with Espen and Anders and more than thousand others. Must admit that I have not done any special preparations up front, have not been doing any competitions where I have to run since August 2005. Back then I got serious pain in both of my legs, making me unable to do any running for years. But to support my friend Anders I registered for this year. And good to know, not any pain in my legs today, the day after, so now hoping that I could start to do at least some running in the future.

A fun fact from 2005 - check my time for the last lap, I was fastest, did not know until now :-)

Emmylou Harris in concert

May 1st, 2011

Yesterday Elin and I went to see Emmylou Harris in concert. Personally not a big fan of country and western (and such), but still it was a nice evening.