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What caused my svn checksum mismatch problem

December 28th, 2010

@Update: See post 2011/01/17/what-really-caused-my-svn-checksum-mismatch-problem for final solution

Have been struggling with svn checksum mismatch problem which is annoying, but no show stopper due to the problem being possible to solve by workarounds as described in this blogpost

But still, I needed to figure out what the root cause was, and it turned out that the Perl search/replace was the sinner.
Issuing the command

perl -pi -e 's#ojdbc14_10.2.0.2.jar#ojdbc6_11.' `find . | grep jdbc.xml`

then verifying the change by looking at the file using VI. But when issuing

svn status

svn was not able to see any changes. Then I added a xml-comment describing the change, saving and then svn commit I got the checksum error. After doing the workaround and then editing the file all manually, not issuing the Perl-command...voila, no problem. Have not been able yet to figure out why svn don't like Perl search/replace changing the file...not sure if the -pi -e could be causing the problem, but I'm quite sure it has been accepted before.

The Dirt: Confessions of the World's Most Notorious Rock Band

December 26th, 2010

My latest book, the story of Mötley Crüe from the early days via their world wide success to their downfall. I expected an endless story of sex, drugs and rock'n roll...and of course it was, but most of all it is a sad story of sex, drugs and rock'n roll. How the enormous amount of girls and dope inflected on their music and friendship. We also get to know their personal life behind the headlines in the newspapers, Vince who drove the car while being drunk and causing the death of his friend, divorces and breakups and such. So not the happy book I did expect, but still a very good book, I would really recommend it!

YES!!! I'm back!! Using my bike to work

December 20th, 2010

Today it is exactly two months since I fractured my scapula, and finally I'm now back. Enjoyed my way to work in perfect conditions, just below -10. Need a day or two to get back in my old routines again, but it is good to be back!! No more bus and subway...

Things at Fornebu to report from this week

December 19th, 2010

First, the Christmas tree fell down, wonder if someone had done it on purpose, because the tree did not look _that_ good when standing up. Do think it was fixed Friday afternoon, so it will be Christmas this year as well.

Walked back a bus stop when leaving work on Friday, just to make sure I got a seat in the bus. Saw this sign at Aker Solutions. WTF??? Slippery??? It is ....snow....with sand...slippery??? Also, note - there are still people walking on the lawn outside of the tape, you can see the new track have been made :-)

NRK on Apple Tv (v1) using XBMC 10.0

December 19th, 2010

Last week I had some struggle trying to enable NRK Nett-TV. The patchstick I had used installed XBMC 9.11, and I found the plugin described in this thread on Could not get it to work, suspecting the mplayer-version causing the problem.

So I restored the box using factory restore, then created a patchstick by using the magical piece of software created by the guys behind atvusb-creator. A lot of cursing at first, since none of my usb-sticks would load (Kingston 8Gb), and also another stick of unknown make. Got to borrow a stick from Lars Tormod, one of many of a unknown make he had been handed at some event - but it did the trick. Patch booted, and now I'm running XBMC 10.0. In the list of video addons there is an addon named NRK...installed it and now out the box, we have NRK Nett-TV on our tv using the Apple-TV.

Also - remember to install Nito TV, then goto Settings --> Install Software --> Smart Installer. Thanks to for reminding me by providing the post found when desperatly searching for help when my usb hard drive was not found. Note, you do not need to download up front, Smart Installer fixes that for you.

Bradley Manning

December 18th, 2010

Thank you for signing the declaration "We Stand with Bradley Manning!"
Volunteers will soon send letters on your behalf in support of PFC Manning
to US Army officials requesting that the charges be dropped.

I must admit that currently I'm not sure whether or not I fully support the demand to free him, to do that I need to know more about his case. But what I what I know is that I find the treatment he gets to be very wrong. He does not deserve to be isolated for 23 hours each day, in a cell without even a blanket. Assuming that this information is true, why should I not, just take a look at Guantanamo, I stand behind the demand to free him, he deserves better!!

Edit: Here is a description of his day
He can have a blanket, but no pillow or sheets...crazy mofo rules!!!

Seen worse

December 16th, 2010

A good day at work

Find text between double brackets using regex

December 13th, 2010

Just needed to post this one as a reminder to myself. Once in a while I need to update text between double brackets, often values of parameters like the case now


Having a lot of this makes it annoying to update it manually, but by using Notepad++ which also have a regex-search-replace option it is easy


did the trick for me.

To many choices

December 10th, 2010

Så hva skal en gjørra
Skal en legge seg ned
Eller slå ut håret
Og stikke ut et sted

Elin is out partying, I did not lay down, but close...

Despite of what Ølbloggen did review Grans Juleøl (throwing the dice to just 1) I did enjoy my beer! Better review here

Jokke, live playing "To Fulle Menn"....two drunk men

Winter seen from our living room

December 10th, 2010

Been kinda cold the past few weeks, as confirmed by, and by my tele lens.

Winter at Vestreng last weekend

December 9th, 2010

Should have spent some time using the clone tool in Gimp, but...don't mind the power lines

Sausage can be art

December 9th, 2010

Mangenskogpølsa from Aurskog Kjøtt, as close to art as plastic wrapping for sausages can be. Best of all, it was good as well

Mo i Rana, what a lovely place to grow up

December 9th, 2010

Just take a close look at the upper middle picture, what a lovely view back in the old days from Revelen Camping up towards Jernverket (also, check this picture

Ripping our cd collection

December 8th, 2010

Two weeks ago we bought an Apple TV so now I have to start the work of ripping our entire cd collection. Have spent some time figuring out the best way to do it, which software to use and most important of all, which format to rip to. The Apple Tv is as any product from Apple superb when it comes to iTunes integration. But, and that was a huge but for me, you are then bound to any file format Steve Jobs decides are ok. So to h#$" with iTunes and Apple formats. I went for the lossless format flac, Free Lossless Audio Codec, because then I can do pretty much whatever I want afterwards, keep it and use only flac, or even transcode it all to mp3, mp4 or whatever iTunes support and import it to the iTunes-library.

Anyhow, after doing some heavy Googling for a few days here is my software stack of choice: Using Max to rip the cd's to flac. One thing that I realized was a little drawback of choosing Max is that is uses MusicBraninz to lookup information abut the cd's. Since we have quite a lot of Norwegian music, considered rare when it comes to Musicbrainz I initially had to type in a lot of info. That was pretty annoying when I knew that iTunes could retrieve the info from Gracenote. But then I found this apple script created by the same guy behind Max, which grabs the cd-info from iTunes and updates Max with stuff, which saves me A LOT of work!! Just not enable Max to automatically encode cd's when inserted, first make sure that all info is present, then encode. Or else you will get a folder structure like this "Unknown artist / Unknown album / 01 Unknown trac.flac" which is kinda messy.

I also bought a 2TB external harddrive, formated it to FAT32, since I did not want to bother to install any NTFS drivers on our MacBook (found a forum post which said it had messed up that guys MacBook). Since I'm not going to save any > 4GB files on the disk, FAT32 is the weapon of choice since it is the file system supported by most operating systems. (Mac OS can only read from NTFS out of the box right now, not write to it, blame Bill Gates for that!!!)

Justice for Assange

December 7th, 2010

Don't let Hillary and the rest of the bunch get away with what they did by simply blaming Assange and Bradley Manning. Bradley is a whistleblower, we need more like him, not less.

GIMP with non locale menus

December 7th, 2010

Must admit that I do not find translating everything into Norwegian a good thing, for instance I have Gimp installed on our MacBook. Since I'm not a hardcore photo editing kinda guy I need help from online tutorials to even do the simplest things. But that is almost impossible when you have menus in Norwegian and all tutorials are referring to menus and such in English. So I had to do a bit of surfing on Google, and luckily I found

More simply, I dug into The Gimp's package, and moved the locale folder (found in Contents » Resources » share). I created a new folder, at the same level as Resources, named Resources Disabled, and dragged locale into that folder. This way, I can get the other languages back if I need them. The application now is running smoothly, in English. And one icon in the Dock is enough for either launch or launch via drag-n-drop.

So this is Christmas?

December 4th, 2010

So this is Christmas?

Without any doubt!!! Gingerbread from Sætre, the best there is, confirmed in this test as well.

Christmas according to John Lennon at Youtube

Facebook Tracks and Traces Everyone: Like This!

December 3rd, 2010

Read this article digi.../slik-sporer-facebook-alle about how Facebook keeps track of your websurfing, even if you are not a member of Facebook at all. The article is based upon this paper Facebook Tracks and Traces Everyone: Like This!.

Numerous websites have implemented the Facebook Like button to let Facebook members share their interests, therewith promoting websites or news items. It is, thus, an important business tool for content providers. However, this article shows that the tool is also used to place cookies on the user’s computer, regardless whether a user actually uses the button when visiting a website. As an alternative business model this allows Facebook to track and trace users and to process their data. It appears that non-Facebook members can also be traced via the Like button.....

It clearly raises some issues, realizing that the best way to avoid being tracked by Facebook is to keep a separate browser only for checking your Facebook account, where you also deletes all cookies everytime you shut it down. If I bother I would then use on my corporate laptop IE for corporate websites (it is the default browser with much autologin enabled), then Firefox for normal surfing, and at last Chrome for Facebook. It will keep me anonymous when it comes to Facebook, they will still be able to keep track of me, but by deleting the cookies each time and only surf on Facebook, the data will be quite irrelevant.

It is all in your head - if you believe its warm, it is not cold

December 3rd, 2010

Hmm, I think I need to reconsider my complaints about the low temperatures, obviously it is all in your head. If you think "It's warm", combined with a small (huge?) amount of liquor you do not need to dress properly. Take a look at the girls in Newcastle and how they dress when out on town As-Britain-shivers-Newcastle-girls-prove-theyre-frightened-snow.html