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Fu Manchu in concert

February 24th, 2010

Yesterday Espen, Sigurd and I went to see Fu Manchu in concert at Rockefeller. Must admit I was very tired when leaving home, and sort of regretted that I had said to them that we should go out, have a few beers and then try to get tickets for the concert. But as soon as they started playing all regrets flew away...Fu Manchu plays the type of music that you are not able to play in any other way than very loud. With that in mind, Fu Manchu in concert is my best experience ever with their music - pure stoner rock...

Me headbanging and Sigurd having a good time

Before the concert Sigurd asked what kind of music Fu Manchu plays, and I ended up saying "Rock'n roll, but not feelgood like 'I love rock n roll' with Joan Jett..." but I must admit I felt very good when they played :-)

And Sverre: You missed all three: King of the Road, Mongoose and Weird Beard ...

Another funny thing, Elin thought I said "Manu Chao", so she was a bit shocked when I played a song by Fu Manchu, not what she had expected

From Lindesnes to Nordkapp with bicycle II

February 16th, 2010

A bit late, but now I have done another ten days, mostly delayed because of Anders being sick for a whole week. But now I've done yet another 360 kilometers. So now I would be passing Dovreskogen (Google Maps), where I could rest at Dovreskogen Gjestegård (Not much else there to mention here...). Been ten days without any incidents to report, no crashes or something like that. Have used my new phone which has GPS to confirm that the distance is pretty much 18 kilometers each way. Started using the speed sensor on my Polar 725X, but it is not accurate at all, so I was a bit afraid that the distance was much shorter for a while.

In my first post I mentioned Tveitablokkene, and this time I must mention a building which is not much to look at, but the name is quite funny. Located at Tvetenveien 30 you will find "Gresshoppa", or "Grasshopper". I know my friend Kent is well aware of the building, since Micromonsters have their shop there.

So now, 20 days biking to work this year, 720 kilometers.

Lumber jack, yet again

February 14th, 2010

Been out at Vestreng this weekend, and spent 4-5 hours out collecting fire wood. Very nice day, both yesterday and today. Created a short film using the video camera on my new cell phone, the Nokia E72. The tractor is, as the movie title implies a Ford 4000, mounted with equipment for doing forest tending.

Link to Youtube

Things I do on a Saturday evening: Installing WAS CE on Ubuntu

February 13th, 2010

Spent about an hour or so in total this evening installing WebSphere Community Edition on my own laptop where I run Ubuntu 9.10. Needed an application server to deploy the web applications I create when trying to teach myself how to do Java development. The first try was to install Tomcat 6, which was quite easy using the package manager. But after I had done some thinking I turned to WAS CE instead, why not, since WebSphere is the product I know best (beeing well aware of the fact that under the hood in WAS CE, you will, among various open source projects, find Tomcat as well).

The installation was quite easy, just followed the Quick Start-guide combined with the Setup Troubleshooting (Prerequisites for Ubuntu, read this one first!!). After that I just had some issues with getting WAS CE to understand where to find the correct Java installation, but this guide saved me combined with me just realizing that I have to run it as root. Guess I could avoid that, but who cares, it is my own laptop.

Anyhow, this is the admin console, so the next step will be to deploy applications from Eclipse, but that will be another day...

@Update: Not a problem at all to get rid of the root:root

> su
> cd /opt
> chown -R myuser:mygroup IBM/
> exit
> cd IBM/WebSphere/CeAppServer/bin
> ./

...server started...

Found new hardware wizard keeps appearing

February 11th, 2010

Had a problem at work, my laptop running Windows XP kept notifying me every second "Found new hardware Nokia 6280". A bit tricky to get rid of it, found the solution way down on this post

IS THEIR AN EXCLAMATION POINT ? if so select properties check and see what it says

Killed the problem!!

The Maven Ant plugin and JAVA_HOME

February 8th, 2010

I've spent some time, with great help from two of my colleagues, creating a pom.xml using the Maven Ant plugin to call Ant targets in the build.xml file downloaded along with the source code for JMeter. Got the plugin working without to much struggle, but when trying to call "ant compile" from Maven "mvn compile" I got an error saying that no compiler was found since the JAVA_HOME variable was pointing to "...\jdk\jre" But all attempts to change the variable to "..\jdk" just returned the same error. Very strange since I could compile other Maven-projects without any problems and calling compile using Ant directly caused no problem.

But, then as always, Google to the rescue. The line below in bold was all what I needed.

<property name="build.compiler" value="extJavac"/>
<ant antfile="${basedir}/build.xml">
<target name="compile" />

Found a post where someone else had got an error trying to use the maven-antrun plugin. It is in fact a property passed on to Ant, see

Wonderful day for cross country skiing

February 7th, 2010

After I had spent some hours editing my videoclips using Kino when all of a sudden Kino decided to lock itself, causing me to loose about 10 minutes of work I used the kill-command on Kino and went out skiing instead. About -7 today, and a clear sunny day, absolutely wonderful day for skiing. My second time this season, so I focused on doublepole and also diagonal without poles. I must say I was not aware of how hard diagonal is for my back when not using poles, good training!!

Was out for about 1 hour and 45 minutes, skiing across Nøklevatn where the picture is taken.

Now I know I have to go to bed

February 6th, 2010

Have spent some hours today trying to figure out how to edit video and create DVD's when running Ubuntu. After some reading I ended up trying Kino. First challenge was to import the files from my camera, the Canon FS11. The actual import is not that hard, just plug the USB and navigate in the folder structure of the camera and import.

But, there is an issue with the files on the camera, they are saved using the MOD-file format. Found this post at describing how to convert them to avi-format. I used the script but changed it a bit. I wanted to convert the files to .DV, which is the format KINO wants. Thanks to another post that was solved easily as well. So now I have a script which changes the default name of the files to the format yyyyMMddHHMM.dv while converting them to DV and afterwards just deletes the MOD-file. I named the script, thanks to srixmk for making the script which I just edited a bit.

Then I started testing KINO, using tutorials like "Making movies with KINO" and the "Adding titles and credits. But I could not get it to work, since I did not find "DV Titler" in the drop down menu of available vidoe filters. After very much cursing, I suddenly realized, even though I started to get really tired, that first of all: You don't need to install DVTitler separately as a plugin, it is included when installing KINO, is labled in the drop down menu as "Titler". Gotta learn to use my eyes...doh...

So now to bed!

Biking in snowy conditions

February 3rd, 2010

Last night we have had some snow here in Oslo, and combined with a bit of wind made it a bit of a struggle to ride my bike to work. For instance, downhill from Tveita I did not feel the urge for riding together with the cars, since it was pretty much snow and salt, almost like mud at the top of the hill. Under such conditions biking is like playing in the lottery, you're never sure which direction the bike will choose for you. So instead I did ride on the sidewalk, but not an easy task that either since I had snow all up to the pedals. But as always, "speed is your friend", so when having as much speed as I dared and doing my best to avoid one or two pedestrians I got myself all the way down to Helsfyr without falling of my bike.

Here you can get some tips on cycling in winter conditions. Also, I pretty much agree with the first guy in the video when it comes to equipment. When my chain and the gears are broken I will not buy new gears, but instead make it into a single speed. Less to be broken, easier to maintain.

Anal bleaching on Margaret Cho

February 2nd, 2010

Was watching Margaret Cho on NRK3. Today she tried one thing that I was not aware of at all, many things are a big issue when you want to stay young the Hollywood-way.

Anal bleaching is "the process of lightening the area around the anus by bleaching it to get rid of any dark pigmentation that might be a result of a lifetime of body changes." Some light-skinned people have some degree of darker pigmentation of the skin immediately around the anus, which can be mistaken for poor personal hygiene

...for the record, Cho made fun of it :-)

Tested: Hamax Sno Giant

February 1st, 2010

Last Saturday I had to buy a new snow sledge to Anders in a hurry. The requirement was that both me and him could fit the sledge. The plan was to buy a sledge with steering and such, but Alnasenteret I could only find the Hamax Sno Giant, and since it was reasonably priced I bought it.

So Sunday morning, out in the snow to test the new sledge. Fail 1, Anders is not able to hold himself, so when I pull the rope he will easily fall backwards. Fail 2: I tried it down the landingslope of the ski jump at Haugerud. I was not able to keep myself on it the whole way down, holding the handles was not of much help. Fail 3, but ok maybe not a fail - but when I tried the ski jump using the sledge it cracked...

So what I want to now is the Hamax Sno Taxi, but since I have not found any shops selling it I guess I must buy the Sno Cross sled. Anders is still way to small for it, but together we can have much fun.