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Birkebeinerrittet (Fredagsbirken) 2009

August 30th, 2009

On Friday I participated in Fredagsbirken. The weather was not good, but at least I was way more lucky than the rest ones starting on Saturday. My goal was to be one of the top 500, ended up as #40 with my 3:54:15.

Youtube-clip from yesterday

Here you have a picture from the sports hall I spent the night before the race

And this picture is taken when I drove out of Rena Friday evening after I had returned Espen there. Pretty heavy rain, and it kept on the whole night :-)

A night on the town, almost

August 24th, 2009

Anders is two days at Vestreng, so since we had the evening of we went to San Leandro Tapas. Good food and disant prices, but why on earth must they have this high stools, bar stools? I really missed some good old fashioned chairs.

After that we thought of going to the movies, but ended up buying Nord on DVD and watching it at home. Quite funny movie...

Mjølkerampa Open

August 24th, 2009

Participated at Mjølkerampa Open yesterday. About 10 kilometres of MTB racing, not very long but the starting positions are handed out in a different manner. From the one weighing in the most you get 10 seconds in addition for each kilogram. So the heaviest one was measured together with his bike to 141 kilo, so I had to start six minutes behind. The last two kilometres are uphill, so it's quite intense. My puls watch had recorded 167 as max, and 160 in average. Considering my relative low max, somewhere around 180, you get a feeling of how intense this was.

Pictures from when I was finished.

Out together with Dag Anders

August 22nd, 2009

Me and Dag Anders had a nice ride in Lillomarka. We started out from their house at Ammerud, followed the gravel road past Solemskogen and up to Movatn, and from there up to Burås. At Burås we had to search to find the single track towards Sinober. A lot of uphill so it was quite hard, but from Sinober to Lilloseter it is pure fun. All in all 2 and a half hour with both easy roads and technical single tracks.

Me and Dag Anders at Lilloseter. The camera on my cell phone is not that good when it comes to showing colors, just look at our legs... :-)

Nissan Cup

August 20th, 2009

On Tuesday I participated in Nissan Cup at Skullerud, a MTB-race, quite hardcore to other things I'm used to. Nice weather then, but it was wet since it had rained the days before. Funny anyhow, even if I did not make it to the podium :-)

My bike was so dirty I had to stop at Esso to wash it

Having fun at Øyern Rundt

August 20th, 2009

Last Sunday I was duing my duty for my club helping out at Øyern Rundt. One of the things I did was controlling the traffic at the last roundabout. A very pleasant task for an hour or so, then it got kinda boring. The race is about 120km, and the last few people uses almost 6 hours, gets kinda boring waiting for them I promise you.

First, I had some help of people from Lørenskog Cycleclub, they had their Petit Prix.

But then, all alone, and riders only every 5 minutes or so...good thing the weather was nice

Battlefield Heroes vs. Quakelive

August 14th, 2009

Have been trying out the past few days. Kinda funny and easy to get started with, but it was not all what I've expected. Quite long time ago since I read about it the first time, and was described as something that should be very funny. Ok, a bit funny, but avatars dressed funny...funny for a minute or two. And it is a bit slow to load, to many "Play now" clicks. And most of all, I have not figured out how to run, do not think it is possible, and that's bad. If you are in a war, I guess you run a lot!!

So I actually prefer It is also free, and you can play it fullscreen in your browser, and you run, you run like hell...

Read more about Battlefield Heroes (in Norwegian) here

Spotify does not make money for artists

August 14th, 2009

According to this article in VG there is not much music to earn by getting played at Spotify. Not hard to figure out why, just to try out the banners that pops up I clicked on one. It takes you to the webpage where you have to register to view content, how laim is that? Also noticed that there are only three or four adds that have been circling for the past two weeks, I get so tired of them that I can't stand to listen to Spotify more than a hour or two....


August 10th, 2009

Try this blindsearch, it lets you search using Bing, Google and Yahoo and when you have decided which one is the best you will know which engine you preferred. Here it is

Almost lost

August 2nd, 2009

Today biking from Åsa via Damtjern and Kikut back home.

The picture taken when I was a bit lost, trying to use my bike in Grenadertraseen from Løvlia to Kikut.

At least, I did find a lot of cloudberries

Back in business again as a married man

August 1st, 2009

Now we are married, it happened on the 18'th of July, everything according to plan and a huge party! After that we have been one week to Pula in Croatia, renting an apartment at (Really nice). So that being the reason for me not having posted anything in the past few weeks.

Picture taken by Kjell Einar.