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Egil Svartdahl scares me for sure!

December 31st, 2007

Friends of me has said it, I repeat it - Egil Svartdahl is scary! And even worse, he is able to scare others as well by being the preacher man and pretending to always know whats best. I read this article "Jakten på Satans tjenere" Afterwards I also found this article written by Didrik Søderlind. Didrik is one the guys behind Kjettersk Kjeller which I would recommend!

"Nikkel, jern og blod" - Alf R. Jacobsen

December 29th, 2007

My latest book "Nikkel, jern og blod" by Alf R. Jacobsen. Yet again about WW2 in the northern part of Norway, this time focused on the former Petsamo, now Pechengsky district and the battle for the enormous nickel resources hidden there. Until now I had no idea how important those resources was for the Nazis during WW2. The book has also enlightened me on the role of Finland during WW2, why they formed an alliance with Germany to get protection from Stalin and such.

Read Per Haddals review of the book


Learn Disco!!

December 25th, 2007

Feel the groove and dance away, but first learn the basic steps...

Winston Churchill qoute

December 25th, 2007

If Hitler invaded Hell I would make at least a favourable reference to the devil in the House of Commons.
Speech after the German invasion of the Soviet Union (June 1941)

Old photos of Oslo

December 25th, 2007

If you live in Oslo you might find this interesting, old photos of Oslo taken from the air. Found a picture of Haugerud from 1960 (Choose "Flyfotodatabasen" in the upper right corner)

Ghost Dog from Mo i Rana

December 22nd, 2007

From my high school years I knew the vocalist Ivan Magnussen in the band Ghost Dog. Read about the in the local newspaper here the other day, and took a note reminding me to check them out when in front of the computer the next time. Did not know what to expect, in fact: for some reason I did not expect to like the music...but, sometimes it helps to have low expectations, because I really enjoyed it I must say.

Make your own opinion at

Take the color back!!

December 22nd, 2007

Up north, borrowing my grandmothers old Ford Sierra 2.0 CLS year model 1989, a red beauty. Or at least, it used to be a red beauty as long as I frequently was home and nursed it. Now when years passes between each time I'm at home its beauty vanishes day by day. On the hood there was heavy oxidation and immediate measures was needed. I bought Turtle Wax Super Cleaner and got to work.

The picture shows the hood when I had just started. On the left I have used the Super Cleaner wax, and on the rest you can clearly see that the painting is almost white.

Hood before

After the use of Super Cleaner and then treatment with car polish. The car is as I say: Pretty from far away, but far away from pretty (directly translated from Norwegian). The paint has still some spots that have lost much color, but at least now the protection is much better.

Hood after

My long journey home

December 20th, 2007

Yesterday I traveled home to Mosjøen. Due to a small error in the process of ordering tickets I had managed to book myself from Torp, Sandefjord. So here is my travel report.

Haugerud subway station at 11.49. Note the snow by the way...


Then at Oslo S at 12:39


Then a short stop in Drammen at 13:17


Sandefjord train station at 14:41, waiting for a taxi


Enjoying myself at Sandefjord, Torp Lufthavn writing postcards to friends. Time 15:57


Enjoying food at Sandefjord at 16:11


Trondheim, or Værnes, at 20:21, boarding for the last flight, from Trondheim to Namsos then finally at Mosjøen 21:55


Then the morning view in Mosjø snow!!


Back home up north, expecting winter

December 19th, 2007

But NO, in Oslo it is winter. Now in Mosjøen, this is what have to say about the weather. For those of you not able to read Norwegian, Mosjøen where I am right now is right on the map where it is the darkest blue, meaning "Very much rain" at Helgeland and Saltfjellet, therefore the "OBS Varsel" in red on top...


Update 2 hours later


"Få meg på for faen" - Olaug Nilssen

December 18th, 2007

My latest book, "Få meg på for faen". Needed something to read on my way home today. It lasted a couple of hours. Have been praised in the press, in my opinion ... somewhat funny, but then again as Elin says: "You read only about the WW2 and Islam"
Anyhow, since Charlotte plays a part at the theater in this play and we might go to see her as Alma, I thought I had to read it anyhow


"Marriage, a history" - Stephanie Contz

December 18th, 2007

My latest book, which I must admit I have spent some time finishing is "I gode og onde dager", or "Marriage, a history" as the original title is. Very interesting book I must say, it tells the story of the marriage through all time. What it meant _back in the old days_ when people got married to survive, up to now when people get married _out of love_. I must say that the book brought new light to some misunderstandings I have had, and that the book also should be considered a "must read" for conservative people that always says that is was so much better back in the old days. Not true, divorces have existed through all time, and if divorce was not possible, why not just kill the other one and such...

I would really recommend this book.


Timbaland - Shock Value

December 18th, 2007

Bought Timbaland here the other day, he have had some hits with among others Nelly so I had expected the album to be packed with hits. But...there are some really good songs / mix'es on the record, but I must admit that I skip almost 2 thirds...anyhow for instance "Give it to me featuring Nelly Furtado and Justin Timberlake" is smashing, I do find the lyrics cool!


My first Christmas present this year

December 16th, 2007

I got my first Christmas present this year from Anders, Elins father. After a day as normal at Vestreng, doing "farm tractor logging" I got my first present this year. It stood there on the kitchen floor when I came in to eat dinner, a Jonsered CS 2152. As found on

En skikkelig profesjonell sag i 50 cc-klassen med rask akselerasjon og aggressivt temperament. Kombinert med det unike vekt/effektforholdet, gjør dette sagen uslåelig når det gjelder effektiv kvisting.

Every man must have his own chain saw!!!

"Why stay ordinary", that's the slogan of Jonsered


I GET so pissed

December 14th, 2007

I GET pissed when it comes to Get providing digital cable tv. Every once in a while, and in the past, quite often, we get this grey box on the tv saying that the list of channels are being updated and that I have to wait. But, why oh why do they have to use this big box, right in the middle of the screen, especially when I want to watch the program that is running...I beg Get to quit!!


I saw a crash

December 10th, 2007

Today when waiting for the bus on my way home out at Fornebu, there is a traffic light just next to it. The light was red and two cars stood there waiting, when another one approached from behind, starting to brake about 10 meters to late...bang...and broken people injured but two, drive slow and look ahead...

4 and a half hour of spinning

December 9th, 2007

Yesterday S.A.T.S had a two hour "Spinning Marathon", so I expanded it a bit by attending the 45 minute session in the morning, then spinning alone for one and a half hour, and then 2 hours together with the S.A.T.S-team again.

I know by experience that I get worn out by riding on my bike for 4 and a half hour, but on the spinning bike was a bit different. There are no downhills where I can get some rest, but the worst thing is that you spend the hours in the same position. I guess that was what made my back really stiff.

Me, a bit sweaty after nearly two hours...


Two days in Trondheim

December 9th, 2007

Spent two days in Trondheim this week teaching WCM. Stayed one night at a hotel and went out to see the movie "Si at du elsker meg" I would agree with review, but I do not agree with the last sentence, I do not see how this movie can comfort anyone.

The last day before I took the night train back home to Oslo I visited Einar and Laila, thanks to them I did not need to walk around the streets in Trondheim all by myself :-)

And here is a picture of the locomotive, a diesel locomotive. And my advice to you, if you ever travel with a night train in a sleeper, then it might be bad to sleep with an open window. The exhaust came straight in, so I had to close it...doh! But when in Oslo the next morning, they had changed it to an electric one, so somewhere during the night I could have opened it again. Maybe that is why the train was one hour late, but a good thing anyhow, since I got to sleep on hour more.

Train in Trondheim

Concert with Kent last Friday

December 4th, 2007

But, not with my friend Kent, but the Swedish band Kent Bendik & co had a ticket to share, so I joined them. I must admit that I hesitated a bit, I still remember their concert at Roskilde in 2002 which was...not...very...good. From that day I've refused to go to yet another Kent-concert, they are better on cd than live. I must admit, that even though the concert was better this time, I still do not like them live...better spend the money on some other band.


Is Sex Necessary?

December 3rd, 2007

While browsing for the correct way to write "necessary" I stumbled across this article