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Beck - The Information

January 30th, 2007

Another one with Beck, needed this one as well. Kinda strange cover, but he is an innovator


Beck - Sea of Change

January 30th, 2007

Have planned for years to buy records with Beck, but have not. But now I have...

Sea of Change

Ricochets - The Ghost of Our Love

January 30th, 2007

Seigmen - Rockefeller

January 30th, 2007

Went into Platekompaniet at Oslo City and they played this one in the store...and liked it, and I also knew that my friend Atle was present at Rockefeller, so Atle, you are on my cd!!


Gasolin - Supercollection

January 30th, 2007

I remember this from when I was a child, played it a lot, "...this is my life....", "...hva gør vi nu, lille du???...."


Ozzy Osbourne - The Ozzman Cometh

January 30th, 2007


The wrong guy on BBC

January 30th, 2007

Roll on the floor laughing

Travis Pastrana does double backflip

January 29th, 2007

I saw this one for the first time today, he actually does a double backflip with his bike. It is totally awesome, and I do believe he is quite sure that he has won when he lands :-)


January 27th, 2007

This one in Norwegian as well, and the best parody from 2006 what so ever.

De nye gitarkameratene, Askil Holm (kem fan e det?), Kurt Nilsen, Alhandro og Espen Lind

"Hallo i uken" pressconference

January 27th, 2007

In Norwegian, spend ten minutes and have a good laugh...

Yet again, I've updated my blog

January 27th, 2007

Quite simple to update from 1.8.6 to 1.8.7, just neede to copy a few configuration files, and voila - it all worked. Not a major update, just some security issues...

Porn on NRK2

January 25th, 2007

As usual I was sitting with my laptop on my knee while Elin is watching tv, a film called "Pianolærerinnen" or "La Pianiste" There was sexual organs in motion, shocking!! (not really...but it was on national tv...

forget-me-not panties will help protect the women in your life!

January 25th, 2007

These panties will monitor the location of your daughter, wife or girlfriend 24 hours a day, and can even monitor their heart rate and body temperature.
Based on pioneering research developed by the U.S. military at DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), we have brought this revolutionary technology, previously only available to the military, to you!

Tnx to Morten for bringing this to my attention :-)

I've got mail

January 23rd, 2007

I went to the post office to pick up a parcel today, not sure which book it was, I've ordered two. Anyhow, not interesting, but the packaging was a bit funny. I felt like Santa Claus when I walked out of the post office. Not sure why the packaging was like this, might be due to some customs stuff...


Deere on your cell phone?

January 22nd, 2007

Aftenposten offers you the ability to download the sound of a deere roaring for free at

The Deere homepage

Have Bondebabes gotten competitors? The John Deere band

It's snow!!!

January 21st, 2007

Yesterday it started snowing, it's a relief. For almost two weeks now I have been attending a skiers instruction course, just skiing on artificial snow, but now!! Almost got stuck yesterday out on the yard at Vestreng, to much snow, my car acted as a plough.

It's all over - Anne Holt has spoken

January 17th, 2007

There has been a lot of fuss the past few days because of the argue between Gerd-Liv Valla and both Yssen and Reiss-Andersen. But now Anne Holt has raised her voice, and I can't find any arguments for not putting this argue to sleep now, because she knows it always... and yes...I'm being ironic...

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

January 16th, 2007

A bit strange I must say, I did a search on Google for "menneskerettigheter", and found ...nothing...just different articles about different issues concerning human rights, but not the actual human rights. But after a while I managed to find them here, but in English

But, ohhh, I should have search for "Menneskerettighetserklæringen"

Don Gorske

January 14th, 2007

Don Gorske, the guy with the "Party with Big Mac" t-shirt, he has eaten over 20.000 Big Mac's...saw him on SuperSize Me

Pan's Labyrint

January 14th, 2007

Elin and I went to see Pan's Labyrint on Friday. A Spanish/Mexican film based on a story about a little girl living in Spain in 1944 when Franco ruled. It's recommendable, but not for children!

In Norwegian

Karius og Baktus

January 14th, 2007

A new switch to Karius and Baktus

The original


January 12th, 2007

OhMiBod - the music powered vibrator. It even comes with asexories... I have an Ipod for loan...

Electric Light Orcesthra - Light Years: The Very Best of ELO

January 12th, 2007

Has been spinning for some time on SVISJ at NRK2, and I also remember my uncle Nils had a record with ELO I jused to listen to when I was a kid.


The art of thinking negative

January 11th, 2007

"Kunsten å tenke negativt" was what I tried to translate. Me and Kent went to see it, and had a good laugh. See it yourself

And if Manhattan had the same population density as Alaska, there would have been 25 people living there.

Sigmund Løvåsen - Nyryddinga

January 10th, 2007

Got this book from Elin last christmas. About a boy, ten years old living on a farm and the things he does. In a way, a bit like me when I was ten years old, drawing only tractors and such stuff.


New shoes

January 7th, 2007

I have bought a new pair of telemark boots, a brand new pair of Scarpa T1. My old ones where a least six years old, and when wet a _bit_ smelly, so it was just in time to get a pair of new ones. They where on sale as well, paid just 3000,- NOK, not bad!


The movie of tonight

January 6th, 2007

We spent the evening watching Syriana I think it was a really good movie, really worth seeing. I wish I had some power to do something, but I sorry to admit that I'm just a passenger on a really big train, not being able to get of....


And why is fashion so important....Jimmy Choo eat your heart out!! Why?
or here

And what does matter?

Did you catch the irony?

I'm wireless

January 6th, 2007

Finally, I'm wireless at home as well! Had a try last year, but ordered the wrong product, now I have the correct one, and Elin and I can chat on MSN with each other when at home :-)



January 5th, 2007

I'm now allowed to call myself a Sun Certified Programmer for the Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition 5.0 (CX-310-055) Passed the test with a 68% score. As excepted I had to struggle the most with Collections/Generics and API contents, the part which I should have spent more time memorizing stuff from. But anyhow, I did manage - and that's that :-)

The Sounds - Dying To Say This To You

January 4th, 2007

Right now my favourite cd, have played them a lot, in fact my favorite right now. Check them out at MySpace

The Sounds

The Rolling Stones - Rarities

January 4th, 2007

Just like many other bands, I had to buy at least one cd. And to not have anything with The Rolling Stones, I could not live with myself. This one was in face really good as well

Fancy Man Blues
Tumbling Dice
Wild Horses (Stripped Version)
Beast Of Burden - (live)
Anyway You Look At It
If I Was A Dancer (Dance Pt. 2)
Miss You (Dance Version)
Wish I´d Never Met You
I Just Wanna Make Love To You (live)
Mixed Emotions IV
Through The Lonely Nights
Live With Me - (live)
Let It Rock
Harlem Shuffle (New York)
Mannish Boy - (live)
Thru And Thru


Molt and the period movie

January 3rd, 2007

MOLT - The Museum of the Menovulatory Lifetime with Tampon Alert. And "Period, the end of menstruation"

My Skiguard is mounted

January 1st, 2007

My Skiguard is now mounted on my car, did it today, but it felt kinda strange, since it is no snow, not at Vestereng, not here in Oslo, not at Tryvann and not even at Norefjell. You need to go all the way to Hemsedal, a long way...snow, please come.