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Balloon fetish

July 30th, 2005

Was watching Discovery Channel last night. After midnight they had kind a adult science, among other a program about sexual fetishes. I did not know, but theres a whole world out there having fetish for balloons. And in fact there are two schools, thoose who don't want to hurt the balloon and thoose who find sexual excitement in watching the balloon blow. Haven't seen the webpage, since I am at an Internet Cafe, but my guess is that it's not safe for work :-)

Bulgaria: Back in Sofia - the last two days

July 29th, 2005

Started out from Plovdiv today and headed for Sofia by train. Took two and a half hour, not the most comfortable ride we have done, but we wanted to have tried that as well. Back in Sofia as experienced travellers, riding off any taxi driver trying to charge us extra. Are now arranged in a classy hotel, having our own suite, with separate rooms, and two tv's. Have been out shopping, found some gifts and I just had to buy a suit. When you get the whole costume with shoes as well costing aprox 3000 NOK, then it's worth it! Now we will only get the hours to go by, tomorrow head for Stenata, by a beeper, then home on sunday! Maybe go for the swimming pool tomorrow, who knows, it might be something good to watch on Discovery!

A blog about music videos

July 28th, 2005

Found it, read it, liked it

Bulgaria: Day two of Plovdiv

July 28th, 2005

Day two of Plovdiv. Have been to the hairdresser, coloured our hair, at the best hairdresser in Plovdiv. The price...20 leva, or 80 NOK, that's quite alright! Later today I will go to get a pedicure as well, same price. It's good for my feets, especially since I maybe will run the marathon next saturday.

Yesterday we met two girls from Denmark, which we invited out for dinner. I had to, since eating out with Espen for over two whole weeks is starting to get...boring? :-) We ended up at a mix slash gay bar, and had a lot of fun. Pictures will be available soon :-)

Kjell Magne has lost his power

July 27th, 2005

Tried to play Quake 3 Arena at the Internet Cafe in Plovdiv, just to realize that Kjell Magne has lost his power, to many years since the last time I played, but to my defence...I did not have sound while playing, that sucks...

Bulgaria: Where to buy stuff

July 27th, 2005

Stenata in Sofia, best gear for hiking, skiing and so on Planning on going to Bulgaria, and want locals to arrange it for you, let Zig Zag do it

Bulgaria: Now in Plovdiv

July 27th, 2005

We have now reached Plovdiv on our journey here this morning, travelled by bus from Devin where we have spent the past two days. Devin is one of several spa-towns in Bulgaria, and is also the place where the water comes from, or to be correct, most of the botteled water here in Bulgaria. Yesterday we rented bicycles and went to Devils Throat, 23 km from Devin When finally back in Devin it was really nice to order full body massage, 50 minutes costing only 25 levas, or times four to get that in Norwegian kroner.

To get from Bansko to Devin we went with bus from Bansko to Goce Delcev. Then we took another bus to Dospat, a really old one with no working suspension at all. When in Dospat there was still 40km left to Devin, the time was 14.00 and the last bus for Devin left at 11.00. Two french guys where facing the same problem, and we where wondering what to do. But, when we realized that sharing a cab would only cost us 20 NOK each, there was no problem anymore. So we got to drive a cab as fast as no one of us ever had done before on narrow roads in Bulgaria. Our guess was that he must have had PS2 and WRC back home.

Now in Plovdiv we will just hang around for two days we think, then head off to Sofia on friday.

Bulgaria: Now in Bansko

July 24th, 2005

We are now in Bansko. It's been a while since we have been able to surf the Internet. Tried one place in Nikiti, but the connection was so slow that even Espen had trouble reading his mail by using his geek tool. We traveled from Nikiti on Thursday by bus. Had luck and caught a bus heading for Sofia, just had to wait an hour. Travelled to Sandaski and stayed there over the night. Started walking from a small town called Popina (?). Since we are such fast walkers we reached the mountain hut by Mt Vihren after only 6 hours. We stayed there over the night, met a Norwegian couple as well, or more correct - the girl was Norwegian, he born in Bulgaria, but now lived in Norway.

The next day we walked up to Mt Vihren - stipulated to take 3 hours, we did it in 1 and 1/2 hour. Some pictures are available here
Then we got a lift down to Bansko where we now are staying. Had to change hotel, since the first one we tried did not have warm water by the time we wanted a shower. After finally having been able to take a shower, we went out to see Bansko by night. In fact, there was a festival yesterday, with plenty of foreign artists playing. But on the downside, they all played only being on "Danskebaaten".

What else, went to the railway station today to see the train passing by, and we waited and waited, no train. So we asked, because everyone started to move towards the bus station. "No train today, don't know why, this is Bulgaria :-)"

Other things, the Bulgarians have very sexy music videos, PimpDiddy and all you others, just eat your heart out...

Bulgaria: Now reached Greece

July 18th, 2005

Yesteday we travelled to Melnik, officialy the smallest town in Bulgaria with a population of only 240. We tasted the local wines in wine cellars, and walked around, visitied another monistary and just chilled. We met the first person speaking fluent english, a girl, just 12 years old. She hijacked us at the bus stop, and offered us a nice room with breakfast included for only 15 leva, times four and you have that in Norwegian. Read more about Melnik here

This morning we left Melnik, heading for Sandanski and then bus to Thessaloniki. On the bus station in Sandanski we ran in to Carlos from Spain. He has now showed us the way to a cheap hostel, to cheap in fact, we want better quality :-)

Tomorrow we will head for the beach, we need desperatly to get some tan!!!

Bulgaria: Greeting from Blagovegrad

July 15th, 2005

At first, theres a hell of a lot mosquitos here in Bulgaria. Both me and Espen have got at least 40 bites. I hate mosquitos!!!

Another difficulty with travelling here in Bulgaria is that when a Bulgarian confirmes something, instead of nodding (?) his head like we Norwegians would do, he will shake it to confirm, and the opposite if saying no. So when I asked the bus driver yesterday if the bus went to Dupnitsa we almost missed it, since he shaked his head. Luckily he said "da, da" as well.

Now we are in a town called Blagovegrad. Not much to see here, but by far the most western stylish city so far. A lot of cafes, walking streets, and quite nice as well. But why the University is called the American University beats us, because not many speaks english...but we manage!

Bulgaria: To the summit of Musala

July 13th, 2005

We have now been in Borovets for two days. Came from Sofia yesteday by public transport, paid a total of 25 NOK for a 1 1/2 hour bus drive. We are now staying at the Alpin Hotel in Borovets where Kjetil Andre Aamodt has been as well. We have the whole hotel just by our self, quite cool!

Today we walked up to the summit of Mt. Musala, 2925 meters high, Bulgarias highest peak. We had all the weather you could imagine, almost snow, rain, fog, sun. At the end of the day we got to ride with one of the guys working at the ski resort in his car...down the slopes!!! We have some awesome pictures!!!

The weather sucks bigtime, so now we are changing our plans. We will plan this evening when eating dinner where to go. Originaly we planned to go hiking in the mountains for three days, but no! We don't want to suffer!!!

You might read some stuff about Borovets here and

Bulgaria: First day of vacation

July 10th, 2005

Our first day of the vacation is over. Spent the first night sleeping for 12 hours. Today we have been walking all around the center of Sofia, covering in one the what Lonely Planet recommend for a 4 day stay :-). Sofia is all other than beautiful, not worth spending money traveling to with your girlfriend, but hopefully it will be better when we get to know this city better. Afterwards we will go out to eat and then go to bed early, since we will get up early tomorrow to go hiking.

By the way, the Lonely Planet book is not thrustworthy when it comes to the map of Sofia, it need's to be updated. And the guy from Slovenia who we share room with, he snorzes!!!


July 8th, 2005

Bulgaria here I come!!!

Be a geek, and send a meesage over the Internet

July 8th, 2005

Webpage that sucks!

July 8th, 2005

Check this one out, but be careful, you might get epilepsy!!

International Engine of the Year 2005

July 8th, 2005

Right outside my office when I came to work today there where a BMW M6. The guy who sat behind the drivers seat started the engine and reved it up a bit, and .... oh.... my .... God....the sound, what a sound!!! No wonder: Read it all here:

Quote G.G. Allin

July 6th, 2005

How many people out there like to drink? Drink, fight and fuck. That's what I preach. I'm not religious, I'm not political, I don't care what fucking Reagan does. I wanna drink, fight and fuck.

Wan Hu - the first ever astronaut

July 6th, 2005

Or at least, the first guy trying...

...He had a chair built with forty-seven rockets attached. On the day of lift-off, Wan, splendidly attired, climbed into his rocket chair and forty seven servants lit the fuses and then hastily ran for cover. There was a huge explosion. When the smoke cleared, Wan and the chair were gone. He was never seen again... the part "...he was never seen again..." LOL! Read it all here

Golf is dangerous - duck killing!

July 6th, 2005

Inger Marie, a colleague of mine, was out playing golf here the other day when she missed with one of her strokes. The ball flew out over a nearby small lake where some ducks where swimming, and it hit a small duck right in the head. The small duck started to croak and swim in circles before it passed away...RIP

John's Epic

July 6th, 2005

Elin with her band Johns Epic has been recommended by Urørt