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Yet again, I'm hurt!

August 31st, 2004

Same procedure as last week, I've been hurt while boxing. My nose is still a bit sore, but yesterday I managed to stretch a muscle in my neck. That's quite plain, just give it a day or two and it will be all fine again - but, as that was'nt enough, just a minute after I recieved a rap on my left side. It almost made me hit the floor. I'm not sure if I have cracked or snaped a bone in my rib, maybe neither - but anyhow I'm quite reduced today...

...but, always look on the bright side of life....

A riddle, what's the picture showing?

August 30th, 2004



A bit of the story behind Sangsom

August 29th, 2004

The rum

Sang Som is a Thai rum with 40Vol%

Unite perhaps is this rum as Song tip a term.
Due to a name controversy this Spirituose had to be renamed. Naturally except the name nothing changed.

The above text is translated automatically from German, try clicking on the link and you will see...

I've been driving Smart Roadster

August 27th, 2004

There are some advantages to work for a car importer, one of those is that you get to try different cars once in a while. Today I got to try a Smart Roadster, just a short trip, but fun!

Smart Roadster

An era is over

August 27th, 2004

A small step for man, and so on. Yesterday I throw away the very last notes from when I was a student. Till the very last I've been saving my notes from OS40 - operating systems (or whatever it was called) and the UNIX-notes. But when being foreced to move from one office to another, I used the opportunity to clear away a lot of old stuff...but I must admit it was a sad moment...

Old notes being thrown away

And I also got a hangover!!

Some kind of monster

August 26th, 2004

Went to see Metallica "Some kind of monster" yesterday, and the movie really surprised me. For instance before watching the movie, the song Frantic was just another cool song,
but now as I know a bit more whats behind the lyric I find it even better...and another thing, I must really say that I find the sentence/phrase "My lifestyle determines my deathstyle" both
wise and cool! For thoose of you who have been visiting my site for some time might remember that I had that phrase in the section "For øyeblikket" for some time...

The lyric gives a good description of Metallica's and especially James Hetfield's struggle with his addiction to alchohol among other things... Read about the movie here at IMDB

Are you a fan of Hillary Clinton?

August 25th, 2004

If your answer is yes to the above question, relax - you are definitively not alone out there, there are newsgroups for almost anything:

Group description: Obsessions with the First Family's sex lives.

Jezzes, someone got to much spare time! I can't guarantee how long this link will funtion, but if you go there you will be able to see all the newsgroups there is, funny

And I just sold my tv!

I'm not in to drugs, but I must be aware!!!

August 24th, 2004

I took the marijuana-test at and the result was

You answered "no" to all the questions, which is a good thing(!) but the fact that you cared enough to take the quiz means you should stay alert to signs of trouble developing in your relationship with drugs. You might want to check out the Real Stories section to see what other teens have been through with substance abuse, and some of the conclusions they've come to

oooooooookeeeeeiii, but I don't use drugs - even though I must be aware to my relationship with drugs, what relationship? Stupid! Tip: First question - do you use drugs?

But, I've also tested my relationship to alcohol, and the result was

You've only answered "yes" to a few questions, but even those few could mean you're not as in control of your alcohol use as you might think. You might want to check out the Real Stories section to see what other teens have to say about substance use and how to tell if it's becoming a problem.


Okei smart ass, I know that I'm not a teen...but I had to try :-)

I've been hurt while boxing

August 24th, 2004

Yesterday I got injured for the first time while boxing - I lowered my guard and ...bang!!!... I got hit right to my nose with a rap, and I started nose-bleeding. So today my nose is a bit sore, but you got to assume that things like that happens when you do sparring. I'm a man!!! :-D

Bleeding nose

And hey, my dad playing the tuba, look at the first picture, all the way to the right

Che is degraded

August 23rd, 2004

Up until now I've been using Che as my background picture on my cell phone, but now I've deleted it, mainly because it's a lot easier to view the clock when having no wallpaper. Anyhow, I've provided it here just to show how much I appriciated it. And by the way, notice the Canadian pin :-)

Why do people have to split every word possible "Munch ranet", was he robbed, I thought it was pictures painted by him, in other words "Munchranet"...arghh!


Hilarious: Turkmenistan bans beards

August 22nd, 2004

A new law banning men from having unkempt hair has been passed in Turkmenistan. They have laws banning ballet, and you have to pay £25.000 in tax to marry a woman from Turkmenistan. That gives a new perspective to ancient customs here in Norway where locals use to beat up people visting their village and stealing their women at local partys (this is very ironic by the way). Instead of beating strangers up, just empty their wallet.

And another thing the crazy president have done, he has changed the name of the month April in to the name of his now dead mother Gurbansoltan, who died in 1948. If that's not delusions of grandeur, what would then be?

Read more about it at


August 22nd, 2004

Read this article in Aftenposten about former congressional aide Jessica Cutler (a.k.a. Washingtonienne.). She had really been around the block, so to speak. She had relations to several men, and she wrote in her blog about her busy sex life, and in a very direct manner. She only used abbreviations for the men, apart from that she left nothing out. Fun reading, mostly because it does not affect me at all :-)

The article in Aftenposten
An article in Political Wire
Even more, from the Calico Cat blog
And then a critical view of the whole case
The blog itself

Wonder if Janove Ottesen from Kaizers Orchestra will have a concert in Oslo during the autumn, really like his new song "Tell her". Ok, it's quite easy listening, but it's a bit Oasis-like, and that's cool. Did some searching with use of google, first I learned that his name is Janove, not Jan Ove, and then that he will release his solo album at the 27'th of September. Release concert anywhere....?

My old blog

August 22nd, 2004

I've spent four years blogging before I started to use b2evolution. Should you by the way wonder what blogging is all about, you can read this article from Wired But, back to what I wanted to convey to my readers, you can find my old blog by following this link

John Deere - American Farmer

August 22nd, 2004

Off course it had to happen :-)

Grow Your Future In America's Heartland!

Create and manage your own successful farm with John Deere American Farmer. You'll decide what crops to plant, livestock to raise, employees to hire, equipment to purchase and structures to build. Plagues, weather, market trends, employee skill level and much more will play a role as you make decisions that will determine the ultimate success of your farm.

Read more about it at

john deere

Funny internal competition on Radio 1

August 22nd, 2004

Sitting doing some stuff on my computer listening while listening to Radio 1 They are doing the highlights from this weeks breakfast show. They are four producers, three men and one woman. The three men have made a profile at some website where Russian women are searching for husbands, and the competition is about getting the most applications. Wicked and hilarious.

A link to the diary for the show, in Norwegian, describing among other things the competition


Anticon label sampler: 1999 - 2004

August 22nd, 2004

Bought just by chance. Thought it might be some cool stuff on the cd...and it's quite alright...


Kloppstock was fabulous

August 22nd, 2004

Just home from Kloppstock, seen 10 minutes with Øystein Sunde, after that Karin Park - pretty good concert. Then we saw Gisli - pretty good as well. After Gisli Odd Nordstoga played. That was in fact a very good concert, even though he plays hillbilly music. Almost everyone, except me and Bendik did know all his lyrics, young as old. Then there was a local band, alright, then Span - they had their last concert on their tour. No doubt that they had played 109 concerts the past seven months. They had a lot of fun on stage, and they where without doubt in harmony while playing (samspilt på norsk - er det rett mon tro?). After them came another local band not worth metioning, quite good, but me and Bendik went to get us something warm to drink as it was quite cold, so we did not bother to listen any particular when they where on stage.

And finally - 45 minutes after schedule, not sure who to blame, but it was not Bigbang fault at least, they came on stage. Bigbang are smashing live, to bad they had to cut of their playlist because of the delay, so now I need to go to yet another concert with Greni and CO.

Now to bed, good night

Cardigans - For what it's worth (Single)

August 21st, 2004

Always in the need of b-sides when Nina sings!

For what it's worth

Cardigans - You're the storm (Single)

August 21st, 2004

Always in the need of b-sides when Nina sings

You're the storm

Cleaning up the mess

August 21st, 2004

Just to clean up the mess I've made two new blogs, this one - rblogonly where you will be able to view my messages of different kinds without the interruption of my new CD's, and visa versa, the albums only blog, where you will be able to view my album blogging only...

Now I've already used to much time on this blogging, have to go out for a run...

Wish u all a nice afternoon

What a good morning to wake up to

August 21st, 2004

The sun is shining, just one tiny, viny cloud to see on the sky - and Bendik and me are supposed to go to Kloppstock this evening Really looking forward to see BigBang on stage There are some other bands as well, but BigBang is the main attraction

What else, Tufte won the olympic gold medal in single sculler. Congratulations. Good thing that at least one norwegian guy are lucky this weekend, because Petter Solberg has no luck driving the Subuaru A strange rally, just four WRC-cars left on saturday morning as far as I could see from the results.

But now, breakfast - and then downtown to run some errands. Need to buy boxing gloves, boxing helmet and a jump rope. Egg, but no bacon

No wig, no Gig!

August 17th, 2004

August 17th, 2004

Fuck, kviser er jo for fjortiser, men jeg har vel en ung kropp

Mad World

August 17th, 2004

And I find it kind of funny,
I find it kind of sad
These dreams in which i'm dying,
Are the best I've ever had


August 17th, 2004

Ramla innom denne siten ved en tilfeldighet, så ingressen på Google og ble egentlig litt sånn - "herregud, hva er dette for noe søl"...

See pictures of my cooking, home, gardening and craft projects! Read about all the critters that live with me. Who is Ljc? Where ..., fresh design, og selv om det er "our wedding page" og sånt der...så var den litt kul allikevel

August 12th, 2004

Sjekk denne siden, vanvittig kult design!!!


August 11th, 2004

Hvordan er trafikken på internett?

See what u share

August 11th, 2004

...det er best å vite hva du gjør

John Deere

August 10th, 2004

Fikk denne fra Roy, dette er jaggu et must have for alle bønder som kjører rundt i traktor fra Felleskjøpet

Bæsjer kaffebønner!!

August 10th, 2004

Kickboxer beats sumo wrestler

August 10th, 2004

A former world kick-boxing champion managed to win his latest fight - against an opponent more than 18 stones heavier than him.

August 10th, 2004

Er du lei av at dama/one night standene/kjæresten/sove alene/what ever vil sove på armen din, her er løsningen,4057,10349617%255E13762,00.html


August 10th, 2004


August 6th, 2004

IMDB salutes "Hollywood brunettes"

August 4th, 2004

Historien om Volvo 240 i European Touring Car Championship...givende lesning

August 4th, 2004

Ganske informativ side om narkotika, litt om hver type og effektene av dem...

August 3rd, 2004

Norges mest kjente potensekspert, androlog Ken Purvis, retter en advarende pekefinger mot motorferdsel i utmark. – Terrengkjøring kan gi ereksjonsproblemer, sier legen

August 3rd, 2004

"Amerikas fantastiske polfiasko", jaggu litt av ei historie, sett av ti minutter og les den!

Intelligensen er oppskrytt

August 2nd, 2004

Hvis intelligens er så nyttig, hvorfor er da så mange dyr så dumme? Er intelligens kanskje bare en av mange mulige evolusjonære strategier?

August 2nd, 2004

Last ned denne og se på dama som virkelig kan kjøre bil

August 2nd, 2004

August 2nd, 2004

Glem alt om lukeparkering, dette fikser det for deg

Fet musikk

August 2nd, 2004

August 2nd, 2004

August 1st, 2004

Sitter og hører på P3 sent på kvelden, heavyprogram, lurer på hva det heter, uansett - litt for tungt for meg egentlig, men tøft, og sånn ordentlig gutteprompe-program, men det er ei dame med, ikke Kristine Vinsents (eller hva hun nå heter), men jeg har hørt a før, rocka dame, ingen tvil!! Bra program, selv om låta de spiller akkurat nå er hinsides tung!!

Har vært og sett videoen til Ståle fra Stockholm, Shootfighting er brutalt - absolutt ingen tvil om det! Litt for brutalt til at det er noe for meg :-)